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Wir über uns About us
Gendertalk as a group open to everyone interested in our discussions has been meeting in Vienna since October 2000– with changing participants, at different locations, mostly however at the Women’s Café. For us our meetings became necessary because of the heated arguments and conflicts in Vienna’s feminist contexts around the question of who has the right to access spaces defined as women only. At some point, these quarrels made it necessary to deal with the question of definition: what are women (and lesbians, men, femmes, butches, kings and those who defy such classifications)? And who are those, who, calling themselves women, meet, discuss, have fun, theorize, thereby creating politics and places? We meet, inspired by those arguments, in order to discuss what feminist and transgender politics have in common, and to think about what each of us represents and what we politically want to stand in for together.

With Gendertalk we are creating a space for us that, informed by or interested in feminisms, allows us to discuss desire and gender and sexual politics among people living different forms of sexual/gender self-representations. Our focal points so far have concentrated on different femininities. Focal points, however, are made up by those who are present – and we would like to keep ours open to all kinds of queer sexual/gender self-representations.

We welcome everyone interested in thinking about, and maybe even in living, forms of sexual and gendered existence transgressing gender norms and defying forced heterosexism.